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Misc Trax

In no particular order, please to enjoy the following tidbits from the audio archives...

She Comes Down From The Mountain - an a cappella demo dating back to 1992 that I still have a fondness for. Enjoy the four-track analog goodness!

Words - An adorable track from the same 1992 a cappella demo session; I eventually performed this live with a group at Annex Theatre's first ever "60 Seconds Max" edition of Spin The Bottle

Better Luck Next Time (live) - I had a five-person a cappella group called Bliss Potential for a couple years. Sadly, we never got it together enough to record an album, but we did manage to capture a few raw live recordings. This song was written by me, arranged by Brian Kinyon and the group, and features the insanely great voice of James Thomas in the lead. We sang along to pre-recorded vocal percussion on this track; Paul Fly was our live mixing engineer on all our live material.

Joga (live) - This Björk cover was arranged by Peter Sakurai and Bliss Potential, featured Sieu Inac on lead vocals, and you can hear my badass live vocal percussion throughout the track.

Porpoise Song (Theme From Head) (live) - This Monkees cover (written by Goffin/King) was arranged by Brian Kinyon and Bliss Potential, was performed against pre-recorded vocal percussion, and features yours truly in the lead. The previous three tracks were the set we performed opening for "Awesome" at the CHAC Lower Level.

Starwomb - The words and music for this song were written by Paul Fly, who also performed the electronics; I provide the vocals for this lovely & surreal track, which is based on a poem Paul sent to Scrytch.

Radiance - This track is from an unfinished opera based on the life and death of Terence McKenna, called True Hallucinations. The music was composed and produced by William Richter, the lyrics were written by Mark Pesce, and yours truly provides the vocals. This is not the live version that was performed at Mind States in 2003, but a studio version that we recorded separately.

Come What May (live) - This is me singing this song to my wife during our wedding; you'll have to pardon the occasional teary break in my voice. Accompaniment was provided by the best man, Tyler Hayes Stilwill. The song was composed by David Baerwald, and is the only song in Moulin Rouge! in which both the words and the music were originally created for the film.

Porpoise Song (Theme From Head) (vocal percussion only) (1.57 MB MP3) - For the curious (I know you're out there), here is the vocal percussion track we pre-recorded to use when performing "Porpoise Song" live. It's almost entirely myself and Brian Kinyon; I think Peter Sakurai might be in there a little bit as well. I'm releasing this mostly to allow other musicians to steal the beats, chop 'em up, and re-use 'em. Paul Fly was our producer & recording engineer.

Growing Up (vocal percussion only) (7.72 MB MP3) - Right before Bliss Potential broke up, we were working on an arrangement of a Peter Gabriel track called "Growing Up." We never managed to get that song into performance, but we did manage to create what I consider to be an outstanding vocal percussion bed for the song - again, this is mostly myself and Brian, with a little bit of Pete thrown in for good measure, and Paul Fly producing the recording. Re-use and recycle!

Better Luck Next Time (vocal percussion only) (4.15 MB MP3) - Here's the vocal percussion bed for our original track, "Better Luck Next Time." Same credits as above. There's got to be something you can use in here!

Beats (26.76 MB zip) - And here's a small archive of raw a cappella beats for looping purposes; use as you see fit. (If you do, I would lurve to hear about it, but for all intents and purposes, all these vocal percussion bits are released into the wild under whatever CC license covers "go forth and do what you want").

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