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Upcoming events in June

The itinerary for the next several weeks and slightly beyond.

Some upcoming events of interest, hopefully not too late for you to come join the fun:

  • Elegant Catastrophe Singers appear at Annex Theatre's Spin The Bottle, Friday June 6th at 11pm. Two songs, one original and one cover, both premiered at our "sneak peak" performance last month at The Stay Up Late Show, but now being given their "proper" debut.

  • intangible method, my "digital fairy tale", will be one of three Ignite presentations performed at Thingamajiggr II. Dan Savage is headlining the event, which is billed as "a party celebrating the innovative Pacific Northwest tech community." The event starts at 7:30 pm on June 13th; I'm not sure when my talk will actually land.

  • ECS appears later this month at 12 Minutes Max over at On The Boards. This will be a slightly different two song set, introducing a new original. Catch us June 15th and 16th at 7pm.

  • What The Funny, the video series for which I wrote two episodes, will be screened as part of STIFF ("Seattle's True Independent Film Festival," the Slamdance to Seattle's Sundance, SIFF). The screening is at the Central Cinema, June 15th at 7pm.

Meanwhile, rehearsals for interlace [falling star] start June 17th, ECS is recording a demo June 30th, and then July is kind of just "all rehearsals, all the time." Word! 2008

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