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Art by Izabella.


"are you kidding me? love begs to be romanticized by definition, but that's a ruse - love flings you into danger and kicks you off a cliff. forces you to great heights and starves you of oxygen when you get there. withers and dies almost every single day and sprouts again from cracks in the cement the next day - the cement, if i'm not being clear, is your dead little heart. that feeling that you get when you realize you can't help yourself, you just HAVE to love that person or that thing or that dream - that's the feeling of muscles being torn, blood seeping in every direction, scar tissue forming almost immediately to stop you from getting any other big ideas. we're not cut out for it. it's an evolutionary mistake."

"i am so fucking sick of doing E with you, martin."

"that's my point - WHEN WILL WE LEARN?"

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 8:03 PM

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