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Much Preferred Customers

I've started a new Tumblr called "Much Preferred Customers," named after the Dissociatives track "We're Much Preferred Customers." It'll be updated 1-3 times a day depending on my mood, with songs and music videos and other music-related miscellany. You can follow me on Tumblr, or follow me on Twitter @scottomoore to get the same updates that way.

I like Tumblr's easy integration with Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Vimeo and Youtube, which should make posting easier and more compulsive than it was during my six-year run publishing Comfort Music on Movable Type. True to the Tumblr format, I don't intend much commentary; it'll be more of a stream of consciousness of music and video I think is worth highlighting, without much more context than that to tie it all together. Hope you like it!

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