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Kelly Sue DeConnick graciously posing for duck-face photo with me, at Rose City Comic Con 2015. Photo by Jen Moon.

Recent history & future scheming

ITEM: Brian Kinyon and I reunited for the 2015 edition of Spin The Bottle: 60 Seconds Max, to perform an a cappella cover of Prince's "Darling Nikki" - which Soundcloud promptly took down, oops.

ITEM: Eddie DeHais and I are hard at work on episode one of our forthcoming webcomic, Storm and Desire. For progress reports, you can sign up for our old-fashioned email newsletter, at which point you may receive a print copy of our first two short stories until we run out.

ITEM: Kelly Kitchens invited me to write a play for Seattle Public Theater's youth program. The result was my first YA play, Dimension Force, which I haven't seen as of this writing. But I'm beyond thrilled to see what the students do with the work; I'm hearing great things. SPT also invited me to contribute to an evening of YA short plays in December themed around Mozart, timed with their production of Amadeus. I was doing children's theatre from the age of 11 all through high school; my entire life as an artist evolved out of those early experiences, and I'm completely humbled and delighted to have the opportunity to write for students all these years later.

ITEM: Pacific Play Company is in rehearsals for the second evening of short plays that I curated & wrote for, Tall Tales of the Unnatural Frontier. The theme was, generally, "cowboy noir." Unlike Crime & Rockets, I only wrote one play for this one ("All Out Of Second Chances"), ceding most of the evening to the talents of illustrious playwrights Kelleen Conway Blanchard, Juliet Waller Pruzan, Morgan Ludlow, and Jennifer Lynne Roberts.

ITEM: We were invited to re-mount H.P. Lovecraft: Stand-Up Comedian! as part of the theatre program at this year's Bumbershoot, Seattle's Music & Arts Festival. We had big enthusiastic crowds for both performances, a younger crowd who likely had never seen one of my plays before. I could probably perform that show any time for the rest of my life, really.

ITEM: Katie McKellar (stage manager/production manager extraordinaire) invited me to write a one-act play for her to direct as an off night at Theatre 22 early next year. We agreed the show a) would not be science fiction and b) would feature an all-female cast. The script is in development - it's called Can't Talk Right Now, and it's probably one of the most personal shows I've ever considered writing. More on this soon!

ITEM: I was invited to write a play for 14/48 Nordo: Food Theater Thunderdome, an ambitious, excellent collaboration between The 14/48 Projects and Cafe Nordo. My contribution was Miles To Go Before I Eat, a tale of settlers stranded on a distant world.

ITEM: Did you know I post music and videos 3-5 times a week at my Tumblr, Much Preferred Customers? Go there.


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