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I'm actually maintaining four distinct Tumblr sites now, which I realized I'd forgotten to really mention here. There's one listed in my "web trail" (blogroll) in the right column sidebar, which was the only one I operated for a while, but I've since expanded. The sites are:

  • Much Preferred Customers - one post a day, seven days a week; curated music videos, tracks, and DJ sets; the direct descendant of my old Comfort Music blog which ran for six years and then vanished, MPC has been running I want to say three or four years now but time, it is murky and not my friend. People frequently ask me how much time I spend per week auditioning new media, and I'm hard-pressed to say, because it definitely varies week per week based on what the new releases are and what people send me, but it's many hours cumulatively per month to find seven items a week that are worth sharing. I suspect this is not uncommon for the ranks of music bloggers out there, but wtf do I know, having spoken to zero of them. Trivia:
    this blog is named after a song by The Dissociatives, called "We're Much Preferred Customers."

  • Things That Cannot Save You - a Lovecraft-themed comedy blog which grew out of the Ignite talk I gave at SXSW in 2016, in which I appeared in character as Howie Lovecraft giving a talk on "Hacking the Apocalypse." This blog was the "fake" blog that Howie ran, which I've kept running ever since. It's self-explanatory once you spend any time there; original memes abound! This is also probably the most popular thing I've ever done judging by # of followers, which is up around 6500 right now. The posting schedule for this one is erratic.

  • Undeniable Presence - "fashion, romance, despair, nihilism" is the catchphrase. This started as a fake blog for the character Airee Macpherson in my book Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You, and if you scroll back to the earliest days of this blog, you'll see many posts in character as Airee. But now it's just focused on fashion, romance, despair, and nihilism. Also posts erratically. (Much Preferred Customers appears in this book as well, btw - the main character is a music blogger who goes by the moniker MPC. Side note: I think if you don't read this book, we're not friends.)

  • Campaign Against Cliche - tips and tricks, advice and inspiration for comics creators and other artists. This started when I was actively writing a comic and found myself collecting many such tips and tricks from Twitter and Tumblr and elsewhere, plus I realized I'd collected a whole folder of similar advice for writers and other artists. I decided not to hoard this stuff, but rather post it to potentially inspire others. Note this blog is not advice from me per se, rather I'm just a pass through here for other people's wisdom. Also posts erratically.

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