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2010-2019 in review

After seeing a few other folks rounding up their decades for the purposes of personal reflection and/or flexing, I thought I might try the same, because it's been a wild ride, and I have the feels about it. I managed to produce or release one major project every year, and in several years, more than that, so let's take a quick look, shall we?

2010: - When I Come To My Senses, I'm Alive! (play)
2011: - Duel Of The Linguist Mages (play)
2012: - A Mouse Who Knows Me (musical, w/Rob Witmer)
2013: - Star Crossed (play)
2013: - The Coffee Table, season one (video series)
2014: - Balconies (play)
2015: - H.P. Lovecraft: Stand-Up Comedian! (play)
2015: - Dimension Force (YA play)
2015: - The Coffee Table, season two (video series)
2016: - Can't Talk Right Now (play)
2016: - The Coffee Table, season three (video series)
2017: - Sings The Hits (play)
2018: - Silhouette (musical)
2019: - Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You (novella)

Three of these plays were nominated for Theatre Puget Sound's Gregory Award for Outstanding Play (or Outstanding Playwright as it used to be), and Silhouette (for which I wrote book, music and lyrics) actually won!

In addition, I wrote 36 short plays that were produced in over a dozen festivals and showcases. My favorites were Exactly What You Would Do, produced in Seattle, Orlando, and Chicago; and All Out Of Second Chances, produced in Seattle, Columbus OH, Milford CT, and Bennington VT. Honorable mention to Sending A Message, produced in Seattle and Islington UK.

This was the decade I started taking DJing seriously as my primary hobby. So there's some good mixes and live sets to be found on my Soundcloud and Mixcloud, whichever platform you prefer. A good place to start might be my favorite house tracks of 2019, but let us also not forget the legendary one hour mix of Africa covers.

This was also the decade in which my absurd Tumblr predilection bore fruit. You can still enjoy Much Preferred Customers (curated music videos & tracks); Things That Cannot Save You (a catalog of your doom); Undeniable Presence (fashion, romance, despair, nihilism); and Campaign Against Cliche (advice, inspiration and techniques for creators).

I'm not super willing to speculate about the next decade, largely because I'm not convinced society will survive it, but I do have a few things in the works already. Although Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You was published in 2019 by, it was written a few years earlier, but throughout 2019 I've written two major projects and nearly finished the first draft of a third, so hopefully soon you'll be hearing about some if not all of those. I have an ambition to try to get myself up to two major projects coming out a year, but it's a marathon to get there, not a sprint.

On the personal front, I stayed happily married throughout this decade, and I quit drinking alcohol during this decade, both of which are accomplishments on par with anything else I pulled out of a hat this decade!

Let's see what happens next...

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