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Midnight, Hotel Mystery Groove

Part One


A very run down hotel room. Its not lookin pretty in here, folks. As we open, CLOSE UP on a SLEEPING WOMAN's eyes. She is lying in bed, eyes shut, no makeup. A MAN's low voice can be heard in the background.

It was a real pain in the ass, but you know. (pause) I don't know what I'm gonna do next. (pause) I don't know. I mean, I should get us some breakfast, but I'm not sure it's such a great idea. (pause) No, I haven't, not yet. (pause) I'm just, I'm alone here, I'm exhausted, I don't know. (pause) She's got the bed.

The WOMAN's eyes open slowly. At first, her eyes are sleepy; then,suddenly, they're panicked, widening in some kind of shock, frantically looking back and forth. As the MAN continues speaking, the SHOT WIDENS VERY SLIGHTLY, and we can see that the WOMAN's mouth is gagged.

Well, if I could get some sleep, that would be nice, but all things considered, I can't. I keep waiting for them to show up but they haven't. Maybe they missed their plane or something, I don't know. (pause) They said they'd be here, all right? I don't know where you've been, asshole, but you could come over anytime. (pause) Well, then shut up about it. I didn't say it would be pretty. (pause) Fuck that. You got five thousand bucks to give to those people? I don't have nineteen bucks to pay for another night in this hotel, they don't show, all right? (pause) Well, I'm not angry, I just want some eggs and a nap.

The SHOT CONTINUES WIDENING above the WOMAN as the MAN continues speaking; by now we can see that she is lying on a hotel bed, her arms tied to the bedpost. She looks about 25, her hair a tangled wreck around her head.

Closeup on the MAN, late 20s, goatee, frazzled hair, rumpled button down shirt unbuttoned to his waist. He is talking on the battered hotel telephone, sitting in a chair across from the bed.

They don't have room service in this fucking pit, Jeanie. This isn't a Howard Johnsons, for Christ's sake.

The WOMAN begins screaming, muffled by the gag; she tries to wrench herself free, but as her hands and legs are bound securely, she can only manage to shake back and forth a bit.

Oh, she's awake. I gotta go.

He hangs up the telephone. She continues shaking back and forth and screaming, even as the two lock eyes at each other. After a long moment of her struggling to no avail, she finally stops and merely stares at him with some very vicious eyes.

Hi, sweetie. Sleep well?

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