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Tales From The Tripside

Back in 2003, near the end of our run producing Trip - The Journal of Psychedelic Culture, we produced a drug-oriented sketch comedy DVD, featuring some of Seattle's best sketch comedians and actors. Here's how we promoted it at the time:

Tales From The Trip Side is the most brain-bending psychedelic sketch comedy DVD you will ever experience. In sketch after demented sketch, the staff of Trip magazine takes you on a preposterous, irreverent joyride, where no one is free from their blazing satirical gaze - especially themselves! Join the Drug Scouts of America! Play the exciting game show "Acid or Strychnine"! Support the Multidisciplinary Association for Getting High! Watch the fantastic new comedy, "The Junkees"! Shot on a budget of approximately twenty-five cents, using equipment salvaged from dumpsters or stolen from junior high kids, and featuring all the production values and attention to detail you'd expect from a posse of drug-addled maniacs who normally produce magazines, Tales From The Trip Side is the "archaic revival" of psychedelic comedy - it's SNL for acidheads, ravers, stoners, and drug geeks!

The DVD sold out in a hurry (to be fair, it was a boutique print run), but thanks to the miracle of YouTube, you can now experience this madness for yourself. I wrote and directed the thing, with a few sketch suggestions from others thrown in for good measure; and you'll see both me and my lovely wife (hint: check out "Entheoporn") appearing in the ensemble, as well as Trip publisher James Kent. Dig it!

splaterpunks89 : 2008-09-10 10:26:03
how do i buy this dvd tales from the tripside
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