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California Trio

During 1998, I happened to be working for a company in Santa Cruz that owned a full recording studio in order to do voiceovers for multimedia projects, and our in house engineer, Ehab Haddad, was gracious enough to spend countless hours helping me construct this a cappella demo. These tracks are edgy pop a cappella, an attempt to stake out new territory in the a cappella world in the midst of all the pretty boy bands and the old school styles. Easy to say, hard to accomplish - but hey, who else but me is going to sing about "The Day The Dog Went Supernova"?

We recorded "Give You A Past" first, a song I had written a few years earlier in Chicago. A four-track demo of the Chicago version exists, but the new recording brings it to life in a far more enjoyable fashion.

"The Day The Dog Went Supernova" was recorded next, based on a chorus and partial verse I had written years and years ago in college, and fleshed out for this recording. Despite the bizarre lyrics, that chorus actually predates my first LSD experience in March of 1992.

"When The Lights Go Down" was recorded last, and was newly written for this recording, inspired by an action movie I enjoyed.

Throughout recording, we shipped pieces of the incomplete songs via CD to Paul Fly in New York City. Paul developed the percussion tracks on his own and then shipped them back to us for final mixing.

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