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Light Reading For The End Of The World

"When you are young, you always expect that the world is going to end. And then you get older and the world still chugs along and you are forced to re-evaluate your stance on the apocalypse as well as your own relationship to time and death. You realize that the world will indeed continue, with or without you, and the pictures you see in your head. So you try to understand the pictures instead."
--Douglas Coupland, Life After God

In 2002, I put together a print compendium of "works to date," printed in a boutique run and sold as a very tiny benefit for Erowid. It covers material from 1992 (and my earliest web site, The Library of Scotto) to 2002, including a few things that are no longer available on the web, as well as a few things that are potentially more conveniently appreciated in handy PDF format (such as Captain Scotto and His Heroes To Be). Of course, if I'm going to do one of these every decade, my next one is scheduled for the year 2012 - like that's going to happen!

Update: The world did not end in 2012 as predicted.

Light Reading For The End Of The World - 2.83 MB PDF

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