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Upcoming events in August & September

The itinerary for the next several weeks and slightly beyond.

Some upcoming events of interest, hopefully not too late for you to come join the fun:

  • In my capacity as a board member for Erowid Center, I'll be doing a brief talk this year at Hempfest, speaking at 2:50 on both Saturday, August 16th, and Sunday, August 17th. Update: Due to what I shall graciously refer to as "scheduling oversights," I was bumped from the Saturday slot, but the Sunday talk went reasonably well. I'm certainly appreciative that they made time to wedge in a little promotion of Erowid in the midst of all their other activist and political talks.

  • intangible method, my "digital fairy tale", will be one of several Ignite presentations performed at Gnomedex on Friday, August 22nd. I should be going on right at 5pm. It's fun that this talk is getting so much mileage. I did an Ignite talk at last year's Gnomedex as well, but I think this one will suit the crowd a lot better.

  • If you're looking for an excuse to come see interlace [falling star] at Annex Theatre, I'll actually be acting in the show the weekend of August 29th and 30th. I'm understudying the role of Ialdabaoth that weekend - I know, typecasting, etc.

  • Elegant Catastrophe Singers appear at Annex Theatre's Spin The Bottle, Friday September 5th at 11pm. Two original songs will be performed.
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