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L to R: Scotto, Julie Green, Ariel Glassman, Katie Meyer, Brian Kinyon, Rachelle King. Photo by David Baum.

Elegant Catastrophe Singers

My last attempt to create an alternative a cappella group in Seattle was Elegant Catastrophe Singers, a seven-person ensemble that lasted a year and a half (2008-2009), and pulled off a number of small cabaret gigs at Spin The Bottle, The Stay Up Late Show, and 12 Minutes max. The lineup was myself, Brian Kinyon, Ariel Glassman, Katie Meyer, Rachelle King, and Julie Green, with Jay Rea on vocal percussion early on. We didn't last long enough to record an album, but here are some highlights.

Original music, written by me and arranged with Brian Kinyon:

Better Luck Next Time - live at 12 Minutes Max. Featuring me on lead.

The Siren - live at 12 Minutes max. Featuring Rachelle King on lead.

Soon It Will Be Freezing - demo recording produced by Tom Cooper. Featuring Brian Kinyon on lead.

Cover songs:

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - Police cover, arranged by Brian Kinyon, from our first live performance at the Stay Up Late Show. Featuring Ariel Glassman on lead, and Jason Meredith on vocal percussion.

Home - Zero 7 cover, arranged by Brian Kinyon with the group, live at the Stay Up Late Show. Featuring Julie Green on lead.

Joga - Bjork cover, arranged by Brian Kinyon & myself, live at the Stay Up Late Show. Featuring Katie Meyer on lead.

Duet performances:

Brian and I performed under the name ECS a number of times. Here are some highlights:

It's Oh So Quiet - another Bjork cover, live at Spin The Bottle.
Billie Jean - MJ cover, live at the Stay Up Late Show.
Fuck Christmas (Right In The Eye Socket) - an original tune, live at Spin The Bottle.
The Fox - live cover at Spin The Bottle "60 Seconds Max" edition

Final lineup:

We put one last version of the group together for a couple one-off performances. The lineup was myself, Brian Kinyon, Channing Daniel, and Jenny Rooke.

Her Majesty - Beatles cover performed at Spin The Bottle's annual "60 Seconds Max" edition, probably late 2009

Jason Meredith joined us on vocal percussion for these tracks, performed at an early 2010 Spin The Bottle:

So Baby I - an original tune
Heaven On Their Minds - from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar

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