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Duel Of The Linguist Mages

Annex Theatre produced my third full-length play, Duel Of The Linguist Mages, as part of its 24th season in 2011.

Duel Of The Linguist Mages is a dark sci-fi comedy, about two researchers who learn to hack the very structure of language at a deeper level than ever before. Their discovery of “power morphemes” – tiny particles of meaning that mean much more than they should – turns out to be unexpectedly dangerous, and shockingly easy to weaponize. As the two researchers gain unprecedented linguistic power, they turn against each other in a struggle to control their new technology. A hapless computer programmer is unexpectedly caught in the crossfire – can he stop the spread of “power morphemes” before all of human civilization is brought to its knees? Who will survive the Duel Of The Linguist Mages? Join us at Annex Theatre to find out!

The play opened January 21, and ran Fridays/Saturdays through February 19, 2011. In addition to writing the play, this was my return to directing theatre, after a wonderful experience working with Kristina Sutherland as she skillfully directed my previous play (When I Come To My Senses, I'm Alive!) through its fantastic premiere production.

Here's the script of the play:

Duel Of The Linguist Mages (361 kb)

anansi133 : 2011-02-07 10:40:46
Saw it this weekend after a friend's glowing review. It helped me understand why Dollhouse was such a disappointment: Grim scary ideas, with not enough humor, compassion, or hope. Take it over the top with vaudeville slapstick, and the conscious mind has something to play with while the superego squirms.

It also gave me some helpful tips for my own plans for world domination: evil geniuses have a simple agenda that's hard to enlist help with. (there only being one supreme leader) Good superheroes have a much more complex agenda that -in theory- would be much easier to get help with. (no single leader, but lots of chewy negotiation)

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