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Majesty: An Intergalactic Aerial Odyssey

I recently had the opportunity to help create a unique show for Versatile Arts: a sci-fi aerial show called Majesty. Ostensibly the show was a student recital; structurally the show was a time travel escapade where the students (ranging in age starting with a teenage class) played all the various characters in the saga - it felt like we saw 40+ performers during the show. The flow of the show was similar to a musical, except instead of breaking into song, the characters broke into epic aerial acts. The show ran for two weekends, late April and early May 2017.

Majesty was an adaptation of Dimension Force, tweaking a few things to make it simpler so that aerial acts could be added. Still, it's a twisty time travel story to be sure, and I'm pleased to continue introducing teenagers to science fiction (since Dimension Force was originally a YA piece in the first place).

Last time I worked on a show at Versatile Arts, I dressed up as Peter Falk for a Princess Bride themed show. I'm sure I'll be up there again.

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