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The minor legend of Woob2

Today's excitement: I used to collect music from an ambient label called em:t, which had a brief run in the 90s. Along the way, I carefully preserved these CDs, except somehow, to my utter chagrin, I lost one of the best ones, the 2nd release by an act called Woob. Over the years, Woob eventually released its entire discography on Bandcamp - excluding the 2nd release. Em:t came back briefly and released its entire discography on Bandcamp - excluding the 2nd Woob release. You can't stream it or buy MP3s, and CDs - when they're available - go for big bucks on ebay. Needless to say they don't come up often.

Today I found my copy, happily nestled inside my 400 CD changer, mislabeled as a "Various Artists" album. I think I held it in my hand in disbelief for like five minutes.

These days I can't even bring myself to listen to an entire album straight through, but I will certainly listen to this one. I did have mediocre quality MP3s of the album stashed away, but my DJ controller is hungry for the good high quality output. I'm (finally) about to send off a chunk of my ancient CD collection to get ripped into high quality files, which should provide a nice weird little nostalgic bump in some of my DJ sets for a little while.

In the meantime, you can listen to a sampler mix of em:t records releases to get a taste of the label's lovely brand of ambient if you're so moved - highly recommended.


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