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Elegant Catastrophe Singers

My last attempt to create an alternative a cappella group in Seattle was Elegant Catastrophe Singers, a seven-person ensemble that lasted a year and a half (2008-2009), and pulled off a number of small cabaret gigs at Spin The Bottle, The Stay Up Late Show, and 12 Minutes max. We didn't last long enough to record an album, but here are some highlights. More »

DJ Christ Superstar

In 1999, I played Judas in a production called DJ Christ Superstar at Burning Man, directed by Mark Pesce. Let's just say I was smoking a crack pipe during the overture, in contrast to the Ecstasy-swilling band of apostles. As one observer commented, the show was "performed into the teeth of a sandstorm at the Burning Man festival - one of the most truly heroic performances I've ever seen." More »

JenMoon's Birthday, 2002

Jen was presented these tracks at a surprise birthday party we threw for her. I dragged her out into the hallway, pulled out a CD walkman and two sets of headphones, and sprung them on her. Needless to say, the other boys were a little irritated with me that year for coming up with such an impressive birthday present. More »

California Trio

The California Trio is a set of edgy pop a cappella ecordings, an attempt to stake out new territory in the a cappella world in the midst of all the pretty boy bands and the old school styles. Easy to say, hard to accomplish - but hey, who else but me is going to sing about "The Day The Dog Went Supernova"? More »

Misc Trax

An array of tidbits from the audio archives: a cappella demos, live performances, collaborations, beats for sampling, "and more!" More »

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