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Scotto on Northwest Arts Streaming Hub

A couple of my projects are featured in a new endeavor called the Northwest Arts Streaming Hub. More »

Teeth on Hilobrow

they found teeth in my grandmother’s heart. gold teeth, to be precise. four hundred and twenty-eight gold teeth, to be even more precise – christ knows she would have put more in there if she’d been able to find any more... More »

The Justice League of Action Figures

Important allies in these trying times. More »

Can't Talk Right Now on YouTube

The Sept 2, 2016 performance from the Bumbershoot Festival is available for you to enjoy! More »

About the author

About the author. More »

Concerts meme

Tackling an important Twitter meme in a no-character-limit format. More »

2010-2019 in review

It's been a wild ride, and I have the feels about it. More »

This Is How I Work

Take this little tour of a typical writing day for me. More »

The minor legend of Woob2

Secrets revealed! Music discovered! Old school ambient for the win! More » Publishing 2019 Debut Sampler

You can still get the 2019 Debut Sampler from, which features YOUR FAVORITE BAND CANNOT SAVE YOU, for a little while longer. It's free. Go on, snag it! More »

All Out Of Second Chances in VT

My short play All Out Of Second Chances is being produced as part of Love Travels Fast, an evening of short plays directed by Jennifer Jasper. If you happen to be near Bennington, VT, go see it! More »

Lost & found

I'm in Toronto for a progressive house music festival. A guy named Jimmy struck up a conversation with me... More »

Exactly What You Would Do in Chicago

My short play Exactly What You Would Do was selected to be a part of PARAGON: The Largest Science Fiction and Fantasy Play Festival in the World (November 9th and 10th, 2019 at Otherworld Theatre in Chicago, IL). Go see it! More »

Audition Armory

A couple years ago, I was asked to participate in an experiment called Audition Armory, organized by the Pocket Theater, in which a small group of playwrights met up with a small group of actors, in order to write tailor-made audition monologues that these actors could choose from. I thought I'd post these for posterity's sake. More »

Sending A Message in Islington

One of my favorite short plays, Sending A Message, is appearing in Pleasance Theatre's Science Fiction Theatre Festival in Islington at the end of May, 2019. Go see it. What do you mean you're not in Islington. What do you mean. More »

Science-fiction themed music videos

Over on, I write about five great sci-fi music videos, including videos from the likes of Janelle Monae, LCD Soundsystem, and Massive Attack. Go forth and check it out! More »

Silhouette wins Outstanding New Play at 2018 Gregory Awards

Silhouette won the Outstanding New Play award at the 2018 Gregory Awards. It's my first win, after being nominated twice before (for Duel of the Linguist Mages and When I Come To My Senses, I'm Alive!). Deeply proud of this show. More »

Protesting in DC

I was in Washington DC from Oct 2-7, 2018, protesting the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. We lost that fight, and will undoubtedly lose others, but being there and making our voices heard was critical to exposing how much of a sh... More »

Other Things, Besides Dance, You Might Consider Doing Like No One's Watching

1. Preface every email you send with the salutation "GREETINGS, CAPITALIST SWINE!" like no one's watching. More »

Silhouette nominated for Outstanding New Play

Just going to drop this here before I forget. 8/29/2018 More »


Hey I'm writing a new musical! It's called Silhouette, and it's going to be produced as part of Annex Theatre's 31st season in the spring of 2018. The rough elevator pitch goes something like: "Magic and technology collide on a distant world, whe... More »

Thought Experiments on the Question of Being Human

I'm participating in a unique evening of theatre soon (Oct 13-15), produced by a science-focused theatre company called Infinity Box. The evening is called Thought Experiments on the Question of Being Human, and the topic is: "The Science of Chang... More »

Storm and Desire: A Prelude

2017 update: We stopped posting this weekly webcomic a while back, but I realized I still have the prelude stories online at Tumblr and wanted to archive that fact here on the blog. So here you go! More »

Scotto on Tumblr

I'm actually maintaining four distinct Tumblr sites now, which I realized I'd forgotten to really mention here. More »

Scotto on Mixcloud

OK, I bit the bullet and started publishing mixes on Mixcloud. I have several mixes to choose from: eclectic mixes, house mixes, an ambient mix for example. However, by far, the only mix that anyone cares about is my one hour mix of "Africa" covers. More »

Studies Show: Reality Is Mutable

“Studies Show: Reality is Mutable” is a cinematic virtual reality experience by artist/software developer Jacob Fennell, combining spherical video and a multi-path science fiction story. More »


here we see, rarely found on this wretched material plane, a donut that is blessed with the Shimmering Icing of the Heavens. More »


A long lost a cappella cover of Apparat's "Komponent" magically resurfaces! More »

Majesty: An Intergalactic Aerial Odyssey

Majesty: An Intergalactic Aerial Odyssey was performed by the students at Versatile Arts in spring 2017. More »

End of 2016 in review

In which the end of 2016 is handily summarized for your convenience. More »

Semiannual update begins NOW

Comics, theatre and the arts - a rundown of 2016 through the end of May. More »

Recent history & future scheming

Music, comics, and theatre over the back half of 2015 - which has turned out to be a very busy year. More »

Boosting the signal

"Buy you a drink? Let's enjoy ourselves before Cthulhu rises..." More »

Moar life and times updates

ITEM: Annex Theatre produced my latest play, H.P. Lovecraft: Stand-Up Comedian! The script is posted for your convenience, and we actually recorded this one, so you can watch opening night on YouTube or listen to it on Soundcloud. To promote the sh... More »

Conveniently documenting the last year or so

Apparently I couldn't be bothered to update this site since August 2013. OMFG I'm so, so sorry. Please know that I understand you people have been waiting patiently. And by "you people" I mean "search bots". BUT SERIOUSLY, here's a quick tour of what I got up to during that long dark web-site-ignoring phase. More »

The Half Brothers Brand Old-Time Variety Show

I recently got a chance to direct a piece called The Half Brothers Brand Old-Time Variety Show, which ran throughout August 2013 at Annex, described as: Neo-bluegrass trio The Half Brothers (Rick Miller, John Ackermann, and David Nixon) step throu... More »

Much Preferred Customers

I've started a new Tumblr called "Much Preferred Customers," named after the Dissociatives track "We're Much Preferred Customers." More »

Tribute to Peter Falk

I got a chance to play the Narrator in a "Princess Bride" themed aerial show last weekend. The photo shows me in my Peter Falk costume, and is probably the last time you'll ever see me wear a moustache in public. More »

Thoughts for virgin 14/48 Kamikaze writers

With 14/48 Kamikaze weekend upon us, I wanted to throw out a few suggestions for anyone lucky enough to be a virgin writer this weekend. These are just things I try to keep in mind every time I sit down to write a new play for 14/48. More »

All Holiday Party 2012

We open the doors at 7:30, at 8pm we kick things off with Chinese New Year, and from that point until midnight, we celebrate almost 20 different holidays in succession. More »

When the Internet was small

There was a time in history when the entire Internet was sufficiently limited that publishers believed its entire contents & functions could be described in 817 pages. More »

The High Seas perform Cee-Lo Green's 'Fuck You'

The High Seas perform Cee-Lo Green's "Fuck You" barbershop style. The High Seas are Darren Davis, Brian Kinyon, Rick Miller and Scotto Moore. Arranged by Darren Davis. Live at Annex Theatre's Spin The Bottle, Dec 2, 2011. More »

Jalopies and Gin

I'm singing the lead on this piece, written by Chris Jeffries, recorded back in 2006. More »

In which I appeared in 'Details'

They came to Seattle to do a fashion spread with technology dudes and my promoters managed to wrangle me a spot. More »

Burn'em And Brainey's Twisted Circus

I was invited to direct a vignette in the 2nd annual Halloween extravaganza at the AND household in north Seattle, and my contribution was a twisted clown surgery scene where toy props like dolls and robot dogs - as well as fake intestines - were extracted from a helpless victim. More »

So Happy It Hurts

I'm singing the high tenor on this piece, written by Chris Jeffries, recorded back in 2006. More »

New plays, the Gregory Awards, the Annex gala & more!

14/48, the Gregory Awards (again!), and a brand new musical on the horizon. More »

I refuse to believe corporations are people...

A parody of this that I cooked up this a.m. More »

'Melodramatics' - a collection of plays for Kindle

I recently put together a collection of plays for the Kindle format.  It's called Melodramatics - it contains 14 of my favorite short plays (including almost all of my 14/48 plays) from the last decade or so, plus my three full length plays (interlace [falling star], When I Come To My Senses, I'm Alive! and Duel Of The Linguist Mages). More »

'When I Come To My Senses, I'm Alive!' in New York

Harlequin Productions of Cayuga Community College in upstate New York will be producing my play, When I Come To My Senses, I'm Alive! the weekends of March 17-19 and 24-26, 2011. More »

Gregory Awards outstanding playwright nominee!

In a completely unexpected twist, I have been nominated in the "Outstanding Playwright" category for the Gregory Awards! More »

The Coffee Table (season one)

After years away from the web video world, I am super stoked to be in post-production on a new sci-fi comedy web video series! The Coffee Table will be fifteen 5-minute episodes about a family that discovers that their new coffee table is actually an ancient alien artifact, and they inadvertently activate it, sending their entire house hurtling through the void. More »

So long to Comfort Music

After six years, say goodbye to Comfort Music. More »

Upcoming events through May

A few exciting events happening in the near future: My new play, When I Come To My Senses, I'm Alive! is opening April 23rd at Annex Theatre, directed by Macha Monkey's executive artistic director and long time pal of mine, Kristina Sutherland. ... More »

Upcoming events

Global Ignite Week, Spin The Bottle, and more. More »

ECS @ 60 Seconds Max

A new version of Elegant Catastrophe Singers appeared recently at Annex Theatre's "60 Seconds Max" edition of Spin The Bottle, in which 50+ performers were given no more than 60 seconds to perform in rapid fire succession. More »

Mark Siano & The Freedom Dancers: Oct 9 & 10

"Mark Siano and the Freedom Dancers will take audiences back to an era when music was softer and fashion was louder - and when dancers had the power to move space and time." More »

New Ignite talk: 'CPU'

I'll be presenting a new digital fairy tale at tonight's Ignite Seattle, and then again this coming Friday at Spin The Bottle. The piece is called CPU, and is a cautionary tale about the dangers of modern neural malware. (8/3/09) Update: I also... More »

Upcoming events

The itinerary for the next couple weeks. More »

Comfort Music gets props

I've been writing a music blog called Comfort Music for the last 4.5 years or so, and it's nice to get a little shout out from the blogosphere after all that time: I was included in Little Gray Pixel's list of top 10 music sites, amidst some pretty good company. More »

See me in 'Kid Simple'

Come see me in Kid Simple, an excellent modern fairy tale about a girl who invents a machine for hearing sounds that can't be heard. More »

Music: 'Old-Fashioned' by Paraform

My life's work is complete - I have finally been sampled in a trance track. More »

In search of Pukka

Let this post be the unofficial landing page for the one album that Pukka left behind for the world to discover, an album called Space Is My Accomplice. Today, I am also their accomplice. More »

Review: Sasquatch Music Festival

A review of every single artist I checked out at the Sasquatch Music Festival earlier this year. More »

Upcoming events in August & September

The itinerary for the next several weeks and slightly beyond. More »

Upcoming events in June

The itinerary for the next several weeks and slightly beyond. More »

14 days

In which I attempt to recount the events of two intense weeks of hot hot creative creative action action in May of 2008. More »

Artists & 'true fans'

Kevin Kelly recently posited that a core group of "true fans" in today's day and age could keep an artist afloat outside the world of mass market promotions and contracts. Ambient artist Robert Rich is living that life, and produced a wonderful response to Kelly's assertions. More »

intangible method @ Spin The Bottle

If you missed my performance of "intangible method" at ETech (like, oh, 98% of the people at that conference), you can catch it Friday, April 4th, at Annex Theatre's late night cabaret, Spin The Bottle. The show starts at 11:00 pm at our new space: 1100 E. Pike St (on 11th Ave. at E. Pike). Admission is still only $9! More »

Elegant Catastrophe Singers @ Spin The Bottle

My acappella group, Elegant Catastrophe Singers, will be appearing this Friday night at Annex Theatre's monthly cabaret, Spin The Bottle. We'll be performing two songs: an original tune entitled "Voicemail," and of course, a two-part arrangement of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean." What's not to love? More »

intangible method @ Ignite ETech

If you're planning on attending the upcoming ETech conference in San Diego, don't miss the Ignite talks that are happening Monday night, March 3rd, at 8:30 pm. I'll be performing a 5-minute adaptation of my short story "intangible method," using nothing more than 20 slides, photos by Jen Moon, and the modeling skills of CHERUB alumnus Brynn Hambly to tell the tale of a young woman who discovers first-person video footage of her own life is being posted to YouTube from the future. More »

What The Funny @ Northwest Film Forum

After wrapping up CHERUB, the intrepid production house Caution Zero Network went to work on its second Internet video series: an 11-episode, 114 minute serial called What The Funny. Join us for a screening on March 1st of the whole series at Northwest Film Forum! More »


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