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FringeWare Review (20)12

The Gravity Issue

I first met Paco Xander Nathan via the Future Culture list, back in 1992, and we wound up becoming Internet buddies. When he and Jon Lebkowsky launched their infamous print zine, FringeWare Review, Paco graciously invited me to participate. I was listed as "Inner Space Correspondent" in the first issue, which went to press in mid-1993; Don Webb and I became the first two Contributing Editors as of issue #2. My earliest pieces for FWR are a pair of totally irrelevant essays about early-'90s Internet culture, but my writing for the zine matured over time, and Paco eventually offered me a guest editor spot on issue #12.

I've got a mostly complete set of FWRs that I keep meaning to scan, but until I do, check out this hella interesting FringeWare chronology, and enjoy the contents of FringeWare Review (20)12 - The Gravity Issue.

Original issue foreword:
"Pardon our content. It emerged from these 'Gravity' people, whom we met at a youth hostel in Guam. Say it slow, like you mean it: GOO AAAAAAAAHMM MONTE PADRA. AAAAAHM MONTE PADRE. GOOO AAAAHM. No explanations necessary. Law where prohibited by void. Prosecutors will be violated. For instructional use only. GOOOO AMMMMMH." - Paco Xander Nathan, FWR #(20)12

Captain Scotto would like to thank: one hit of LSD - the first one.

This issue was published 15jul97 in Austin TX/USA, guest edited by Scotto and featuring the work of the Gravity collective.

Cover by Monte McCarter, based on a concept by Scotto
Pictured: free agent .rez and luna celeste

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