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Lullabye For Thunderstorms

"There is a tendency in dreams and psychotic fantasy that Jung noted and to which he gave the name enantiodromia -- that is to say, that qualities or personas, carried to their extremes, tend to become their opposite. The Messiah, crazy in his desire to eliminate the enemy, easily becomes the Beast.... The Messiah and the Beast, though of ancient origin, have awakened with a fury in response to the deepest psychic urgencies of a violent and confusing century...." --Michael Ortiz Hill, "Dreaming The End Of The World"

"Miracles will happen as we trip...." --Seal, "Crazy"

Laurel and Melody are twin sisters who share a fairy tale castle in their mutual lucid dreams. When Melody is kidnapped by InfiniTek, the twins are hurled into a world of age old secret mysticism, super heroes, intergalactic war, and attention from the planetary awareness herself...


Lullabye For Thunderstorms - 1.22 MB zip

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