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intangible method

Please to enjoy this "digital fairy tale," the story of a woman who discovers first-person video footage of her own life is being posted to YouTube from the future. Needless to say, "hijinks ensue."

I presented this as an Ignite talk at the 2008 Etech conference, and then presented it three more times; so this version you see here is the final, most polished version from Ignite Seattle, summer 2009. You can see all the details of the presentation in the original Powerpoint file, which is posted below; the editing on the YouTube video skips many of the nice little details that the live audience got to see in high resolution on the gigantic projection screen.

intangible method (6.28 MB .ppt)

I would love to collaborate with a Flash programmer to make a high-res version of this presentation for the Net. Please ping me if that's your bag.

The original short story which inspired this presentation is linked below.

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