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New Ignite talk: 'CPU'

I'll be presenting a new digital fairy tale at tonight's Ignite Seattle, and then again this coming Friday at Spin The Bottle. The piece is called CPU, and is a cautionary tale about the dangers of modern neural malware. (8/3/09)

Update: I also wound up performing this at Ignite Gnomedex on 8/22/09. When you do a play, you might get reviews in the papers; but when you perform at Gnomedex, you get micro-reviewed on Twitter. Here were the four notable comments from the Twitterverse on CPU:

"tweeting grinds to a halt as the ignite digital fairy tale told by scotto moore holds people spellbound at #gnomedex"

"Last Ignite speaker Scotto Moore offers a very entertaining Charlie Kaufman-esque talk. Great!"

"Awesome last Ignite talk - human as virus-hobbled computer. Moving."

"Loving the last Ignite talk. Absolute best of the series IMO."

Whew! Of the three performances, Gnomedex was the toughest crowd because - of course - they hadn't been drinking.

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