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Can't Talk Right Now

My play Can't Talk Right Now was produced by Theatre22 as their first off night, opening in February 2016:

About the show
Amanda is the host of a late night radio show, Signal Loss - a love letter to the analog era. In her search for a new story, Amanda finds a twenty-year-old answering machine in a thrift shop, and is captivated by the cryptic and anxious messages on the device. She sets out to unravel the mystery of the voicemails, searching for the woman who left them and the woman who never heard them - and discovering the unlikely impact they had on each otherís lives. Canít Talk Right Now is a new play about empowerment, connection, and the nature of support.

"Scotto Moore is one of my favorite local playwrights. He has terrific ideas to write about and his execution is crisp and fresh. His latest offering, Canít Talk Right Now, is being done as an 'off night' production... It is an absorbing tale, and is fascinating in that itís a male playwright who writes (credibly) about four women. It doesnít appear to be all that serious in nature, but a small reveal leads us to realize that there is indeed a sober history included within." - Seattle Gay Scene

"T22 just closed... Canít Talk Right Now written by one of my local playwright crushes: Scotto Moore. (His play, A Mouse Who Knows Me, performed at Annex Theatre in 2012 is literally in my Top 5 favorite musicals of all time.)... Seeing this play reminded me of listening to WBEZís This American Life and becoming enthralled in one story that includes hundreds of tiny stories to complete the whole. Amanda is our Ira Glass and leads us on a journey to discover who left multiple messages on an old answering machine she found at a second hand shop. This play was gorgeous and I loved it." -

Can't Talk Right Now - production script

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