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End of 2016 in review

ITEM: Season Three of my long-gestating web series The Coffee Table finally premiered, with a marathon screening of all three seasons to celebrate its conclusion! The story was designed from the beginning to have three seasons: a beginning, a middle, and an end. Couldn't be more excited to arrive at the conclusion! As I said at the screening, I have enough distance from the anxiety of production now that I’m really just super proud of what we accomplished.

ITEM: I finished a novella called Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You, a horror story about the glorious world of music bloggers. You can get it for free for most platforms, except Amazon which forces me to charge $0.99 for a download.

ITEM: My Lovecraft-themed comedy Tumblr, Things That Cannot Save You, TOTALLY WENT VIRAL. A little. I have 1600+ followers, which arguably makes it the most popular thing I’ve ever produced. “Argh!” but also “yay!” etc. Other Tumblrs I continue to run include Much Preferred Customers (“curated music videos and tracks”), Undeniable Presence (“fashion, romance, despair, nihilism”) and Campaign Against Cliche (“thoughts about making comics & art”).

ITEM: My play Can't Talk Right Now was re-mounted in September for Bumbershoot. The sequel to the show, Sings The Hits, will be produced by Theatre22 in fall of 2017, with a workshop reading scheduled for summer 2017.

ITEM: I’ve completed act one of my new full length play, code-named Oasis for now, and we’ve found an excellent director (can’t announce just yet because we’re still shopping for a producer). This play has been the most challenging thing I’ve ever written, and fully represents my pivot toward feminist theatre that started with Can’t Talk Right Now. We’ll be doing workshop readings in April and November, and hopefully producing in spring 2018.

ITEM: Exactly What You Would Do is getting produced in a festival in Orlando! I wrote two short plays for 14/48: Outdoors - Ladies And Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space and Fall Of The Twilight Dove, which was later produced at Panel Jumper Live. I wrote a play called A Million Things We Should Be Doing for 14/48: Catharsis, in the wake of the election. I wrote a play called The Birthday Present for 14/48: Centrifuge. And I wrote two short pieces for the Unexpected Productions event Script Tease.

ITEM: I'm in the proto-development stages of a new guerrilla web series with my homies Pilar & Andy, currently code-named You The Mostest. This is poised to pick up in a big way in early 2017.

ITEM: I’ve adapted my play Dimension Force into an aerials show for Versatile Arts, which is kind of like adapting it into a musical except any time someone would break into song, they break into an aerial act instead. Haven’t titled the adaptation yet because lazy. Goes up this spring.

ITEM: I’m back on staff at Annex as an Artistic Associate.

ITEM: Theatre22 asked me to participate in a panel on creativity, with Kelly Kitchens, Desdemona Chiang, Julie Beckman and Angele DiMarco, hosted by Jeff Leisawitz. I hope to transcribe at least my portions of the panel at some point soon, but again, lazy.

ITEM: The webcomic I was working on with Eddie Dehais, Storm and Desire, came to an unexpected close. Turns out making comics is very hard on artists, and Eddie is much more interested in being a practicing theatre artist than a comic artist. I did a huge amount of world-building and outlining to prepare for the comic, so I started working on a novelization to get that story out. As of today, the first 75 pages are in the hands of beta readers to help me get a sense of whether the material works at all as a novel; jury’s out.

ITEM: I quietly put together a one-shot a cappella quartet together to perform at an arts salon. We sang a cover of “You Will Go To The Moon” by Moxy Fruvous, and a quartet version of my song “Better Luck Next Time.” At the same salon, we read my plays All Out Of Second Chances and Exactly What You Would Do. Fun night - hope to see more under the radar gigs like this one.

ITEM: I put together a YouTube playlist of my favorite music videos from 2016. Go watch!


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