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interlace [falling star]

A strange woman with no memory of who she is and from where she has come awakens to find herself trapped inside an infinitely tall building, just as crisis erupts and the entire building is quarantined by a mysterious, divine force. The Amazing Dr. X, superhero and second son of the Supreme Being, tries to save the building from the insane and deadly menace which has emerged from the 23rd subbasement. Dr. Nicholas Solitude attempts to stave off an interdimensional war between 23 alien races who use human minds as their battlefield. Guerrilla art terrorists unleash the Scrytch virus on the building's control AI; can the mind of Magus survive in order to help release the quarantine? And Andrea Change must find her true identity - and find her home - before it's too late.

All in a whirlwind 20 chapters!


interlace [falling star] (726 KB PDF)

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