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The Coffee Table (season one)

After years away from the web video world, I am super stoked to be in post-production on a new sci-fi comedy web video series!

The Coffee Table will be fifteen 5-minute episodes, and the premise is very much Doctor Who meets Greatest American Hero – a family discovers that their new coffee table is actually an ancient alien artifact, and they inadvertently activate it, sending their entire house hurtling through the void. The show centers on their struggle to get home, while defending themselves from various aliens who ring the doorbell looking to take the coffee table off their hands. The majority of the special effects will be old school analog style, with models, crazy lighting, underwater cinematography, etc. Oh, and the coffee table talks (of course).

Check out our Indiegogo fundraising video:

I was inspired by the concept of a bottle show in television: an episode that primarily takes place on the standing sets of a series, in order to save money. The Coffee Table was envisioned as a “bottle series” – 90% of the show takes place within the house that is hurtling through the void, enabling multiple production economies while still offering a very unique indy sci-fi experience.

LaChrista Borgers
Daniel Christensen
Rebecca M. Davis
Chris Dietz
Paul Gude
Jade Justad
Pamala Mijatov
Jen Moon
Evan Mosher
K. Brian Neel
Jillian Vashro
Lisa Viertel
Jonah Von Spreecken

Web Crowell – Special Effects Producer
Krk Nordenstrom – Director of Photography
Trevor Hendrickson - Production Designer
Ben Laurance – Editor
Todd Kopriva - Visual Effects
Ian Johnston – Set Designer
Suzanne Dolberg – Prop Diva
Alison Douglas – Goth Consultant
Afton Pilkington – Alien Costumer
Beverly Rose – Aerial Rigging

Daniel Christensen
Trevor Hendrickson
Ian Johnston
Brian Kinyon
Brett Wagner

Produced by Dona Farmer & Scotto Moore
Executive Producer: Stephen McCandless

Written & directed by Scotto Moore

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