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Radioactive Blue

From a solitary hotel room, Billy attempts to coordinate the release of a drug called Radioactive Blue across the country. Will he succeed in bringing about mass hallucinations in the populace at large - or will his girlfriend Molly bring his plans crashing down?

I originally intended this to be a one man show, but at one point, I was approached by a producer at KPFA in Berkeley to do some radio theatre, and this script was just sitting on the shelf, so we got to work. This was produced in the spring of 1998. The catch was that I was traveling to California every week, but all my actor friends lived elsewhere, so I wound up dialing in people from all over the country to play all the people that Billy chats with (including Antero Alli as Larry and Paco Xander Nathan as Ronald). The play is offered here as a set of MP3s for your enjoyment (as it were).

Scene One (7.76 MB)
Scene Two (11.06 MB)
Scene Three (6.76 MB)
Scene Four (11.03 MB)
Scene Five (16.63 MB)

Radioactive Blue theme (4.85 MB)
by Paul Fly

Directed by Scott O. Moore
Engineered and mixed by Mary Bishop
Original music by Paul Fly

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