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Star Crossed

Annex Theatre presented a collection of my short plays as an off night production called Star Crossed, and other tales from a devious universe, running Tuesdays & Wednesdays, Apr 30-May 22, 2013.

The headliner for the evening was Star Crossed, a set of four interconnected short plays about an immortal astronaut crossing time and space to reunite with the woman she loves. Two of the plays - Exactly What You Would Do and Sudden Inexpressible - premiered at the 14/48 Festival but were reworked to connect with two new plays that complete a full story.

The other four plays in the evening all originally premiered at 14/48 and were presented pretty much intact. So if you wanted to present an evening of my sci-fi and fantasy short plays, you could do what we did and present Star Crossed pt 1: Exactly What You Would Do; Sending A Message; Leaving The Nest; and Star Crossed pt 2: No Sense Of Direction as Act One, and Star Crossed pt 3: Sudden Inexpressible; That Doesn't Sound Right At All; Coming To A Conclusion; and Star Crossed pt 4: Satori Kiss as Act Two.

The original versions of Exactly What You Would Do and Sudden Inexpressible are still great as stand alone pieces; they work well without the added material that connects them to Star Crossed.

One sci-fi short play I left out of this evening is Contact, which is stylized in a way that doesn't quite fit; and moreover, I decided to plagiarize some core concepts from that play and put them to better use in Star Crossed (concepts that themselves were plagiarized from my short story Stars - in fact, the title No Sense Of Direction is cribbed from the first line of Stars).

Here's the script:

Star Crossed

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