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Stephanie Spohrer, Lori Lee Haener, LaChrista Borgers.

Crime & Rockets

In summer 2015, Pacific Play Company invited me to curate & write for two separate evenings of short plays. The first one was called Crime & Rockets, which ran Sep 10-26, 2015. Keiko Green, Morgan Ludlow, Juliet Waller Pruzan and I contributed fourteen original plays, using the following marketing copy as a loose thematic guide before we started writing:

Humanity’s seemingly boundless expansion across the galaxy hasn’t come without a price... ‘cuz wherever there’s humans, there’s bad humans, and somebody’s gotta crack the cases when they try to get away with murder. Society’s counting on a few good souls with their hearts still in the right places -­ physically or otherwise ­- to help put things right.

Crime and Rockets launches us into the future, where human nature itself is evolving as rapidly as the technology that catapulted us into deep space. You can’t let a case get too cold ­- not with the cold vacuum of space on all sides as a constant unfriendly reminder that the consequences of letting the bad guys get away with it could be disastrous.

Here are my contributions to the evening:

Signal Loss, part 1
Economy Plan
Marketable Skills
Signal Loss, part 2
Upgrade Cycle

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