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Erin Ison as Cassie, Kelli Mohrbacher as Hannah. Photo by David Mills.

The Unlikely Valley

I participated in a unique evening of theatre in Oct 2017, produced by a science-focused theatre company called Infinity Box. The evening was called Thought Experiments on the Question of Being Human, and the topic was:

"The Science of Changing Your Mind"

This year our special theme is “The Science of Changing Your Mind” and, with the help of the University of Washington Psychology Department, we have invited four scientists and teamed each scientist with a local Seattle playwright. Their collaborations will lead to the creation of four intriguing short plays, each exploring the science underlying : How we make decisions, how we change our minds - or don’t. And what all that might have to do with how to be human - together.

Each year, Thought Experiments on the Question of Being Human examines the impact of a different field on that question. Conversations between scientists and playwrights lead to a festival of original short plays examining how current developments in that field may impact how we answer the question of what it means to be human.

I was paired with David Gire, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Washington, who provided me with scientific inspiration to write this play, The Unlikely Valley, about a neuroscientist and a computer animator who meet in a hotel and discover they have more in common than they might have expected.

The Unlikely Valley

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