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Welcome to 3.0 - the most elegant collection yet of Scottotian mayhem and arcanum. The home page features a rotating set of highlights from each of the site sections and other weird stuff; announcements, updates, and miscellaneous weirdness are to be discovered in the Blog; and the FAQ can clue you in on your RSS options and other tidbits. Get an account and leave comments all you like. Explore these sundry mysterees - IF YOU DARE! (cough cough, ahem) More »

H.P. Lovecraft: Stand-Up Comedian!

Coming soon to Bumbershoot: two performances only, Sept. 5 & 7. Produced by Annex Theatre, April 2015. Instead of expressing his terrifying vision of malevolent, eldritch gods via horror stories in the early twentieth century, H.P. ('Howie' to his friends) Lovecraft expresses his terrifying vision in the present day via stand-up comedy. But an ancient evil stirs beneath the sea— can Howie pull off one last sold-out gig before the human race is destroyed? More »


Eveyln DeHais and I just published our first five-page comic short story, Anjette, which you can read over on Tumblr, land of high resolution images. This is the first of two prequel "issue zero" stories that we'll release prior to starting work on the full series Storm and Desire. Stay tuned! More »


Annex Theatre produced Balconies in August of 2014: The creators of the hit mobile game “Sparkle Dungeon 5: Assassins Of Glitter” are celebrating their latest success with a wild costume party for artists, agitators and hackers. But in the condo next door, a Senate campaign fundraiser is coming to town, attracting politicos, CEOs and media celebrities. As the two events spill out onto neighboring balconies, can an unlikely romance succeed in the midst of steadily increasing mayhem? More »

The Coffee Table

Seasons One & Two of my sci-fi web series, The Coffee Table, are live! Season One features fifteen 5-minute episodes about a family who discover their coffee table is an ancient alien artifact that sends their house shooting through the void! Season Two adds 10 more episodes to the adventure. More »

Duel Of The Linguist Mages

Annex Theatre produced my third full-length play, Duel Of The Linguist Mages, as part of its 24th season in 2011. The play is a dark new sci-fi comedy, about two researchers who learn to hack the very structure of language at a deeper level than ever before. Their discovery of “power morphemes” – tiny particles of meaning that mean much more than they should – turns out to be unexpectedly dangerous, and shockingly easy to weaponize. As the two researchers gain unprecedented linguistic power, they turn against each other in a struggle to control their new technology. A hapless computer programmer is unexpectedly caught in the crossfire – can he stop the spread of “power morphemes” before all of human civilization is brought to its knees? Who will survive the Duel Of The Linguist Mages? More »

When I Come To My Senses, I'm Alive!

Annex Theatre produced my second full length play as part of its 2010 season, and the script is now posted here. When I Come To My Senses, I'm Alive! is a near-future sci-fi story about a woman who invents a method for podcasting her emotions; but publishing digital versions of her emotions to the internet has unexpected consequences amongst the botnets of the world... More »

Exactly What You Would Do

An astronaut's new assignment jeopardizes her marriage in this sweet romantic drama. (A 14/48 play.) More »

Coming To A Conclusion

Hijinks ensue when Maribel orders an orgasm machine off the Internet. (A 14/48 play.) More »

Bliss Potential

A rock journalist discovers the perils of meeting a long-time idol with a cross to carry. (A 14/48 play.) More »

CHERUB: The Vampire With Bunny Slippers

CHERUB is a slapstick parody of Joss Whedon's ANGEL, an Internet video series about the adventures of Cherub, the vampire with bunny slippers, and his gang at Cherub Investigations - the aspiring actress Charity Case, the arcane expert Jasper Windham-Hill, the muscle man Roger Pipebomb, and the inter-dimensional traveler Barney. More » FAQ

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