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The cast of "H.P. Lovecraft: Stand-Up Comedian!" Photo by Ian Johnston.

Moar life and times updates

ITEM: Annex Theatre produced my latest play, H.P. Lovecraft: Stand-Up Comedian! The script is posted for your convenience, and we actually recorded this one, so you can watch opening night on YouTube or listen to it on Soundcloud. To promote the show, I did a small interview on seemingly arbitrary topics, and made a small "one minute webcam monologue" video.

ITEM: We released season two of my web series, The Coffee Table. Ten new episodes continue the madcap story of a family whose coffee table turns out to be an ancient alien artifact. Go watch it!

ITEM: Two of my 14/48 plays, Exactly What You Would Do and Bliss Potential, were chosen for 14/48: Mixtape, kind of a "greatest hits" series of performances.

ITEM: I wrote two new 14/48 plays last February, Krieger's Dilemma and Our Hypothetical Future, as well as a play I wound up throwing out along the way, Krieger's Girlfriend.

ITEM: I wrote a play for the Seattle Theatre Works festival Medicine Ball called Do Not Wait For Further Messages.

FUTURE ITEMS: I'm helping curate and writing for a couple of short play festivals being produced by Pacific Play Company. Look for productions in October and December.

I'm also heads down now learning how to write comics, with artist Eddie DeHais. We're starting with a series of short stories to warm up. Might down the road develop into a bigger project, we shall see.

And season three of The Coffee Table will come out eventually, completing the absurdist sci-fi saga I started working on back in 2009. It's been crazy I tell you what. I do not expect to make another web series, but I'm super happy with this one.


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