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The Importance of Being Fucked Up

This one-man show premiered at Burning Man 1998, performed by yours truly, and was also staged at the Odd Duck Studio in Seattle, April 30/May 1 and May 7/8, 1999. Just to be perfectly clear, the characters are satirized versions of a fictional me. You know, in case that's not, uh, obvious. Our listing in local papers described the play thusly:

Fleshlab Productions presents the Seattle premiere of this one man show by someone you've never heard of (played by Scott O. Moore), after last year's ridiculous staging at the Burning Man festival. Part of Fleshlab's ongoing theatrical series "Angst It's What's For Breakfast", this show is a searing and hysterical romp, featuring a wide range of spastic characters attempting to answer that musical question: "Huh? What?"

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